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Portioned meals for a healthy you.

Portioned meals, what are they?

From the Encarta Dictionary Microsoft word.

  1. Helping of food

An amount of food for one person

This is the point I want to make:

An amount of food for one person. How much is that?

What I’ve always gone by and still do is, make a fist. Now take your other hand and wrap your fingers around the wrist. Your balled up fist is about as much food as you want in your stomach at one time. That is for the average person. This is what was taught to me in the Army during a class on controlling your weight.

The Army mess halls also did their part in controlling our food intake. Portioned meal sizes, not only did it help us in weight control; it also helped keep the Army’s budget in control.

So keeping your portions in smaller sizes can help you to reduce you food and calorie intake for a day, which in turn helps you to lose weight.

Little known fact: One fast food restaurant chain still serves the same portioned meal they did in the 40’s.  That meal is, a hamburger, small fry and a 12 oz coke: now called a kids meal. That meal is what Americans used to eat and be pleased with; of course guys usually got an extra burger to fill up on.

In the 1950’s the average hamburger patty was 1.6 oz. It has grown to an 8 oz in most restaurants. Really we can’t blame the restaurants; we have to blame ourselves for asking for bigger portions. We asked they gave. The consumer drives the market place.

As a nation we have increased our meal sizes and our waist lines. It’s been said “We are a nation over fed and under nourished”. Reason being, we eat until we are stuffed or we feel bloated, the food we consume passes thru our bodies without absorbing the nutrients we need to stay healthy. So by reducing the size portion we put on our plate, we can help our body to increase the nutrients.

Portions Verses Servings:

Although many people use these words interchangeably, portion and serving are not always the same. A portion is any amount of a certain food you choose to put on your plate, while a serving is a recommended amount of food based on health and nutrition guides like the United States Department of Agriculture’s Choose my plate. This can cause a lot of confusion and consumption of extra calories, especially when you eat energy-dense foods and high calorie snacks.

This is just one of many ways to help yourself in controlling your weight. Also watching what is in your food as additives, a subject I covered last week. So with all this in mind help yourself today with portioned meals.

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