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Sassafras tea can clean your liver!

As a child growing up in South Carolina my friends and I would sometimes make Sassafras tea and sometimes chew on the flavorful roots.  Little did we know then that it was really helping us.   When I go home to S.C. during the Thanksgiving holiday I may brew me some up.

In studies done in Kentucky people who drank Sassafras tea or root beer had lower rates of liver cancer then those who didn’t.

Sassafras is known as a natural liver detoxifier.   But in studies done in the 1960’s the key ingredient safrole was banned by the FDA for commercial use because when fed to lab animals in LARGE amounts they contracted Cancer and Liver Damage.  According to a government agency that extrapolates human exposure needed based on rodent carcinogens (see the links below the recipe on recipe page), if you drank a sassafras root beer a day, you would still have much less carcinogenic risk than if you drank beer or wine. (from simplyrecipes.com)

Sassafras is easy to find if you know what you are looking for in the woods.  Sassafras is a tree that has three leaves and three lobes.  The
picture I provide will help you.

Disclaimer:  Because I have drank Sassafras and still enjoy it.  Bur it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.  Please use at your own risk.

Recipe link 1.

Recipe link 2.

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